The DoFuss Show – Heavy Wii

Lots of Wii this week. It dominated mine and Darren’s gaming time. From Madworld to Bit Trip Beat and on to the Virtual Console (for Darren) it has been by far the most my Wii has been used for over a year.

News also has a heavy Nintendo focus. There is the upcoming Silent Hill re-imagining for Wii, Nintendo putting the kibosh on Tecmo bringing Fatal Frame 3 to the West and wanting to invigorate the Japanese gaming market (assumedly with Wii Music 2) its been a high profile week for the big N. We also have a quick chat about up coming game based movies. All of this is followed by a talk about downloadable content in games with a little help from the boards at and Darren’s old games which this week focuses on Sega’s fantastic Shinobi series.

Somewhere in all this there is also a competition to win the Street Fighter 20th anniversary art book, hot of the presses straight from Japan (pictured here). Over 300 pages of beautiful Street Fighter promotional and concept art all up for grabs.

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