Scary stuff.

The DoFuss Show – Trying To Bridge Cultural Divides.

This show’s unintentional theme is cultural divides. With me returning to the UK later this year Darren decided to prepare me for re-entry with terrifying snippets from the British tabloid ‘The Sun’. While this is an apt reintroduction to the state of my home nation, I cannot help but feel there is a veiled message from Darren to stay in the land of sushi and fun that is Japan. Continue reading The DoFuss Show – Trying To Bridge Cultural Divides.


Podcast 7 – 31/10/2008

Happy 20th Birthday Mega Drive. This week is a celebration of Sega’s golden years and they numerous iterations, additions to and licensing of the Mega Drive. We also turn our eyes to the last few weeks bigger news stories from a slightly eastern perspective. And I say its podcast 7. So it is. I don’t care how many you think you’ve counted… Click here to download Podcast 7 (45MB) Continue reading Podcast 7 – 31/10/2008


Podcast 1 – 31/07/2008

In which we prove we can at least record ourselves talking and edit out discussions about my tax returns. We talk about trouble setting up the recording, the site, and recent stabbings in Japan and the atmosphere its creating. O and talk about Bangai-O Spirits, Ninja Five-O and Wari-O (sorry couldn’t resist.) Sorry for the large file size, still fighting with audio software.   Click here to download Podcast 1 (61MB) Continue reading Podcast 1 – 31/07/2008