Maybe it could work, but I think there is still some work to do.

The DoFuss Show – Productively Doing Nothing.

Gaming news and talk of what we have been playing sits as ever at the front of the show, but this time the feature topping our metaphorical cake is whether playing online games could make us better people. This is an idea put forward by Jane McGonigal, a designer at the Institute for the Future, during her talk at TED in February. While it may seem like a bizarre idea, much of what she said got me thinking that there maybe something to it, as did looking at her online games that have been designed to harness the power of the game playing public for good. Continue reading The DoFuss Show – Productively Doing Nothing.


Tale of Tales

I make no secret of the fact I no longer consider myself a hardcore gamer. I play to experience the worlds games have to offer. Developer Tale of Tales manage to cater to my touristic sensibilities. They design interactive experiences that provide portals to exploration and narrative rather than game play. I understand that this isn’t something that is to everyone’s tastes, unguided experiences that offer little in the way of action, but to me they prove a beautiful escape. Tale of Tales most notable title to date is The Path, and while it would be misleading to call it … Continue reading Tale of Tales


Mirror’s Edge (360, PS3, PC)

I don’t like what Mirrors Edge does to me. It captures my most obsessive side. The part of me that is determined to take every jump perfectly. My problem is that I don’t seem to be good enough at it. I am unable or unwilling to spend the time to commit every minutia of every course to memory to enable me to actually be good at it. Perversely, I don’t care. Plowing on, repeating sections, furious at my own ineptitude but enjoying it none the less. The reasons all of the irritations never detract from the games appeal for me … Continue reading Mirror’s Edge (360, PS3, PC)