Tokyo Game Show Podcast – 19/10/2008

So I promise that this is it. Here will be no more coverage of TGS on this site, mostly because the tag cloud couldn’t handle it.

A combination of on the day coverage and post event discussion this was meant to predate the last few posts. However difficulties with splicing the various sections of audio files from an assortment of recording equipment and balancing as best I could the radically differing sound qualities took longer than expected. Thus apologies again for the poor audio quality (especially the first 9 minutes) and be thankful you didn’t get the one where we sound like chipmunks on speed.

The podcast contains some stuff that has already been covered on the site, some new things and some notable omissions. Nothing has been covered that wasn’t readily viewable on the public days. So there’s no Halo 3, Final Fantasy XIII or, disappointingly, earthquake simulator here.

Click here to download the TGS Podcast (45MB)