The DoFuss Show – Yes, that really is Jon Hare, not Darren

We are late, but contrary to my usual apologetic fashion there will be no ‘sorry’ (apart from for my musical interlude). It is packed front to back with gaming fun and discussion.

This episode is longer that usually to accommodate Darren’s recent interview with the legendary Jon Hare of Sensible Software fame. It kicks off at the fifty three minute mark (just in case you want to jump straight to the Sensible Soccer discussion).

Apart from that we quickly hit up what we have been playing before diving into news and predictions for E3. Unfortunately as this has ended up being posted after all the press conferences so you will instantly know if we were on the money or not, all I will say is that we were kind of close, sort of. We wrap up with the return of Darren’s old games, and talk of the amazing Turrican.

Hope you enjoy, and we may even manage two more shows this month to make up for the light May.