Are Horror Games Becoming Less Scary? – Article on VGR.

Back on one of my favorite topics thanks to the free rein I have been given on my column on Videogame-Reviews. While I know I am going to have to start aiming my work at a broader audience than my DoFuss articles the owner of the site has at let me indulge myself on my first few entries, including this article on the evolution of horror games.

Touching on many of my favorite games, the article looks at why games may suffer with the move to HD and the quest to appeal to a wider audience. Below is an extract and a link, please go and have a look if you feel inclined and leave a comment on VGR.

“In many ways the first “game worlds” would have been terrifying places, with no end to the oncoming alien ships, asteroids or ghosts and death being your only release. Games back then though were, of course, about the game mechanic; simply playing. Yet still the designers felt the need to infuse some familiar symbolism to their tiny sprites to help people understand the world presented to them. I guess these games were scary in the same way books are, leaving so much up to the readers/players imagination that what is experienced varies wildly from person to person.”

Read the full article here.