The DoFuss Show – Call of Duty vs. Halo, EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the latest DoFuss Show. Often I have been seen apologising for issues with the show. Whether it be the length, the sound quality or the fact I was drunk or tired. NOT THIS TIME because this is our best podcast yet!

It is the usual line-up, with lots of iPhone games discussion to start us off before moving on to China Town Wars (DS) and InFamous (PS3). After that we are straight into the news hitting on recent mergers, acquisitions, pricing and of course some Michael Jackson. Then the icing on the cake, this week’s feature Dark Presence. Find it, love it, support it and pester them to give The DoFuss Show an exclusive interview. Finally we wrap it all up with Darren’s Old Games and a very special ninja guest Mr Musashi.

Next podcast will be marking the first birthday of, so be sure to tune in and leave questions for our special guest Jonathan Frakes (a.k.a. Frakkers) in the comments for this episode at DoFuss or UUDDLRLRBA. If you get a minute review us on iTunes and enjoy the show.

(The title will be explained I promise).