The DoFuss Podcast – Reaching for the Stars

Busy week. The combination of gaming, birthday parties and work left both I and Darren tired, unfocused and recording later than usual. There was a plan for the podcast formed at some point during the week but in honesty only about half of that plan could be salvaged from my sleep deprived consciousness.

Fortunately Darren did manage to line up an interview (mentioned last week). To accompany this we also have some clips from the upcoming DoFussUS podcast with Jad and Chad.

Most of the regular segments are still in too. There’s a lot of what we’ve been playing and the usual news. The main topic (such as it is) focuses on game age rating and their effectiveness as guidance for parents. Unfortunately we were a little short of time today so no Darrens Old Games, so if you were looking forward to the Robocop 3 retrospective you are all out of luck till next time.

I hope you enjoy it and as always feel free to comment, leave feedback or write an iTunes review.