The DoFuss Podcast – In Memory of 1UP

A melancholy grips us today with the news last week that Ziff Davis Media sold its games division to UGO. The take over saw the close of EGM one of America’s biggest gaming magazines and the loss of more than 60% of their staff. Most of these staff are already producing new content at various sites (some links on the right) and we wish them and 1up all the best.

But it’s 2009 and new starts abound. Darren is now in possession of a Wii so he is now able to contribute to discussions. In spite of this Darren still insisted on starting his ‘Old Games’ section of the show (Darren doesn’t like the word retro). This week he’s remembering Bullfrog’s Syndicate. We also have the obligatory game of 2008 discussion and a quick chat about our hopes for 2009.

It’s a bit long this week but at least it’s on time. Enjoy. (Enter the give-away!)