The DoFuss Podcast – Architect Errol Fitzroy’s Black Plague First Person Morris Dancing Extreme

On time and ready to go. In an attempt not to walk in the footsteps of giants we decided to abandon the original discussion of reviews and scores at the last minute and instead focus on the recent Japanese top selling games and Final Fantasy 13 news as seen in Famitsu. I say ‘seen in Famitsu’ because I can’t read most of it so it’s more an impressions piece than a factual commentary.

As always we also discuss some recent news and dip into ‘Darren’s Old Games’. This podcast Darren reminisces about hours spent floating around lost in Elite on the Amiga, and I reminisce about watching him floating around lost in Elite.

We also invent the Wii game name generator, so if you come up with one please post it in the comments. The format is simple;
Job > Name > Event > Game genre > Event > Generic game word
The results sound worryingly like next years best selling game as long as you attach ‘for Wii’ and ‘by Nintendo’ to the box art. Enjoy.