I am coming home.

The DoFuss Show – The Penultimate

We are back for the almost-last DoFuss Show. December will see the last DoFuss Show with my return from Japan to the UK. As I won’t be in the ‘land of the rising sun’ any more, the opening lyrics claim that I am ‘the number one gaijin, the man in Japan who can’ will become hopelessly inaccurate so (as we can’t be bothered to rewrite the theme tune) we decided to cancel the show. Continue reading The DoFuss Show – The Penultimate

Scary stuff.

The DoFuss Show – Trying To Bridge Cultural Divides.

This show’s unintentional theme is cultural divides. With me returning to the UK later this year Darren decided to prepare me for re-entry with terrifying snippets from the British tabloid ‘The Sun’. While this is an apt reintroduction to the state of my home nation, I cannot help but feel there is a veiled message from Darren to stay in the land of sushi and fun that is Japan. Continue reading The DoFuss Show – Trying To Bridge Cultural Divides.


Gaming in Japan

I just had an article go up on Playdevil. There are a few lines that looking back I would edit (the one about Japan being a gaming Mecca is a little ham-fisted in retrospect) but I can’t get at it to make any changes, which in a way is quite liberating! Here is a short excerpt… “In the shrinking world of the Internet we now feel that if we have an interest in another countries culture we understand their habits, predilections and biases. We’ll I am here to tell you that perhaps your preconceptions about Japan and its gaming culture … Continue reading Gaming in Japan