The DoFuss Show – TGS Special.

I know it is late, with all of the Tokyo Game Show write-ups, reviews and articles that I had to get posted things have been hectic. But it is here now and stuffed to bursting point with previews, discussion and interviews from the show!

To give you that nice cozy and familiar feeling we kick off with just me and Darren for our usual banter but then Darren is out and we switch over to Daniel Feit, another writer and resident of Japan who also attended TGS. Dan and I get down in to it for almost two hours talking about the games of on show and our experiences there. Just be happy we at least break it up for with an interview with The Behemoth (kicking off around the 1h 49m mark), creators of Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers and the upcoming Game 3.

Have a listen and please leave feedback in the comments or on iTunes. Also remember to keep an eye on DoFuss over the next three weeks for some extra audio/visual stuff in the next few weeks as Darren hits Japan.

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