I don’t have time to play games like I used to. Replays are a thing of the past, excluding hand-helds; I will not be replaying any single player game from the last 8 years. Short is good, quick is fun and multiple ending are for You-Tube. A confident designer of a single player game is secure enough in their skills to give satisfying experiences without artificial extensions.

Conversely long isn’t bad, just harder to fit in and finish off. Somehow I played 120 hours or Oblivion and enjoyed every (other) minute. Many of us are older now, and we don’t have to wait until Christmas for our next game. Entertainment now comes at a hefty price and I contest gaming is one of the cheapest going, I’m happy paying £2 an hour of play on a £25 game and, unless it amazing, hope to finish it in around that time.

Originally posted – July 17th 2008


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