It’s Been a While

Hello there all. Hope you had a good break, got through some of your gaming backlog and are ready for a new year. Personally I am not ready for 2012 at all. The last few months of games really took it out of me, with games that demanded my attention long into the night thanks to both review deadlines and unhealthy addictions. A bad excuse for near four post-less months here at DoFuss, but it is really is the only excuse I have.

In fairness even this is not a “real” post, more a sorry to you all for stagnant state of the site recently. Even during the busiest times I would usually have tried to maintain some kind presence here but with my work for other sites, job hunting and the odd bits of work picked up in the last few months of 2011, DoFuss was left to suffer. The really strange part is that for months I have had three posts sat on my desktop (all now woefully out of date) just waiting for an edit before posting, but I still never found the time to edit them.

Happy New Year, and sorry about the last four month....

Happy New Year, and sorry about the last four months....

In the last few days however I have had the kick required to get me focused once again. It was a small thing but sometimes that really is all it takes. Simply getting back on to Twitter a little more actively and having an interaction with other gamers made me remember why I write here, and more importantly that when I get it right (something I admit I don’t always manage) I can be pretty good at video game commentary. Disheartened feelings of not yet having made the inroads I had hoped for into a gaming career dispelled by a few re-tweets.

Now I know what you are thinking, this is another of my declarations of renewed vigor that will last a week or two before I fall once again in to bad habits, another New Year’s resolution with as much chance of making it past Easter a whisky-filled, deep-fried, chocolate egg in Glasgow, but it isn’t. My efforts this year will by necessity be focused on studying, losing the obscene amount of weight I have put on since my return to the UK and most importantly finding work. 2012 will not see a massive promise to post daily or even weekly… instead I am going to aim for fortnightly with real content (not just links to my other writings). This will hopefully be joined by some experimentation in the world of AudioBoo, where I hope to add quick thoughts from time to time on games that have inspired me (for better or worse).

So here is to 2012 and another great year of games. Those missing few posts will finally be edited, the best of 2011 will of course be posted and all these titled documents filled with ideas on my desktop will be fleshed out in to something at least resembling an article.


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