Happy New Year and all that…

I made this.

I made this.

I have been indulging in games for the past few weeks to celebrate the holidays and the Steam sale. Also I had to bake a rather crappy Christmas cake, because the Japanese ‘Christmas Cakee’ (strawberry and cream sponge cake) just doesn’t cut it. There was a little time for some writing however, Game People (.co.uk) and Play Devil (.com) are now both graced by a few of my articles. Both are great and I recommend you go and give them a look if for some reason you are itching for some DoFuss content.

Tomorrow morning (in four hours to be exact) I am off to my girlfriends home town. Being cut-off from the internet for a week will give me lots of time with the small pile of games I have been building up and give me some time to write, but no opportunity to post. Thus this will be my last, somewhat anticlimactic post of 2009. Expect a little bit more fanfare next week however with a review or two as well as a years round up and the much rumored return of Darren to the DoFuss Show.

Until then I am off to play my new shiny green PSP and whole lot of Dragon Age. Have a great New Year, thank you for reading the site in 2009 and keep your eyes here from the 4th of January for plenty of new content.


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