The latest Famitsu published images of the upcoming line of Uniqlo gaming shirts. Featuring classic games from Tecmo, Hudson, Namco Bandai, Sega, SCEJ and Capcom I will admit to being more than a little excited at the prospect of kitting myself out in these this April when they are released.

Resident Evil and Street Fighter provided some of the more subtle offerings. Neither displayed prominent character or logos, siding more with words and symbols. Unfortunately my photos taken surreptitiously in a Lawson didn’t come out to well so I had to fall back on images snapped up from the web which didn’t include my two favorites. The RE5 khaki long sleeved t-shirt with a small BSAA insignia on the front (with Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance written in full on the back) and the Street Fighter shirt with only the iconic down, down forwards, forward, punch symbols emblazed across the chest. Day one purchases for me.

Also available are shirts in which iconic characters and logos take more prominent place. The Pacman shirt pictured on the right here is one of the more stylish examples of this. A simple logo on the chest (and four ghosts on the arse) offers a mere suggestion of your favored pass time instead of physically assaulting onlookers eyes with it (like the garish Ridge Racer and Ape Escape shirts).

Uniqlo’s tagline for these shirts is ‘Find one that says exactly how you feel.’ Well evidently I feel ‘exactly’ like a geek, as I am very excited about these and have at least five shirts I am ready to run out and buy already. Roll on April.

Images taken from – UTxGame


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