Fashion? – Update (I know I need a scanner.)

The first line of Uniqlo gaming shirts are already out it appears. A very reasonable 1500 yen (that’s about 5 quid with the current exchange rate); plus discounts for multiple purchases. I bought three of this first run despite a current lack of funds.

Much to my surprise they are not (for the most part) merely prints. A large percentage are stitched or patches. Very nice. Any way after my failure to find the rest of the line any where on the web I decided to pick up Famitsu and publish their pictures on the site. I know the quality isn’t fantastic but for the most part you can make out the upcoming designs.

For those who are interested I bought the Pac-man and Resident Evil shirts that I pictured in my last post, and the X-Rally flag shirt. (Incidentally the RE shirt is listed in Famitsu by the western title of Resident Evil, the shirt itself however has the Biohazard logo).


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