Call of Duty 4 (360, PS3)

As informed gamers perspective is a problem. Bar the occasional oversight based on hype or license we don’t buy bad games. Bare this in mind as I complain about 2007s game of the year.

Call of Duty 4’s polish is undeniable but it left me cold. The basic plot device is that you Quantum Leap around various characters to see the world through their eyes. Unfortunately I never felt attached to any of them (bar the handle-bar mustached SAS commander you ‘occupy’). I suspect this was due to the fact that my sole interaction with NPCs was barked orders. This, coupled with the fact I spent most of my time running blindly after squad superiors, hoping they would achieve the goals for me, left me feeling like a useless grunt. A little bit too realistic.

A good interpretation of war, certainly, but not glamorous and not what I call fun.

Buy it for – £12.50

Originally posted – July 10th 2008


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