Bangai-O Spirits (DS)

It will be rare I’ll be able to talk with any confidence on a game most people haven’t played. So roll on Treasures newest offering, Bangai-O Spirits (DS).

Seemingly it involves a 30cm tall robot, but it’s all in Japanese so any plot it’s lost. Not that I care a story here would be like giving a monkey a gun, as funny as it is dangerous. It’s a puzzle-shooter, and deep fried pork pie gold, that’s good, but unhealthy.

The 160 levels are timed and scored but I promise you’ll be happy to just finish. More importantly you’ll be happy not finishing. A month commuting will be lost on levels which should only take 2 minutes, replaying and trying to find the right mix of the weapons on offer (the 100 missile launcher always a must). When you’ve finished though trade it for Space Invaders Extreme, you won’t go back.

Buy it for – £17.50

Originally posted – July 24th 2008


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