Aliens: Colonial Marines, Gets Me Worried (Link)

Shifting away from the old massive-link posts I am now planning to do more regular pieces letting you know about my articles on other sties while they are still vaguely relevant. This format will also allow me (where appropriate) to give a little more detail on the thought process behinds specific posts, and expand if necessary.

Aliens Colonial Marines

I confess that shots like this not only hit all the nostalgic notes, but also offer me hope that Gearbox are on the right track.

The first of these posts is my recent preview of Aliens: Colonial Marines, the upcoming movie licence from Gearbox. Some twenty-five years after the release of the Aliens movie, this new game is to tell the story of what happened after reactor explosion on LV:426, as you take control of a new squad of marines sent in to investigate the ill-fated planet.

As a long time fan of the series the games announcement hit me with equal parts excitement and dread as I realised that there was considerable more chance of failure than success at maintaining the movies themes and tension. It is this I focus on in the preview, discussing how the squad-based gameplay will struggle to portray the panic and mistrust that is such a pivotal element of the movie’s potency.

Perhaps I am being unfair to the development team but my doubts stem from two (almost) inevitable truths; that movie tie-ins usually suck, and that a game’s desire to reach a broad audience generally requires forgoing tension in favour of action. I am sure that graphically Aliens: Colonial Marines will be everything avid fans of the series could hope for, but I fear that once again that the nostalgia mining moneymen are hocking my childhood to line their pockets.

To see more information about the game, and more on my thoughts head over to Game People and have a look.


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