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Unlike my usual failure to live up to my promises of DoFuss content this time I have a legitimate reason for recent inability to produce, that is that I have a job. As of last week I have been pounding the streets to raise money for charity, not out of some sense of altruism but from a need for cash. The downside to this arrangement (for me) is that it is 100% commission based with means for the fifty-two hours I worked last week I earned a total of £17.60. With a friend visiting on top of this I had little time to study for my design course, or edit my articles.

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Zelda, a game I know I can be confident in my opinion of.

That said I have still been writing (even if most of my work was done on the train) and my course has had to take a quick hiatus anyway, while they renegotiate the licence for the course software (currently I am half way through a game with no way to make things explode). So I took Sunday out to edit some articles and, hopefully, have a good chuck of content ready to go up over the next week. Fingers crossed.

Proving even more of a challenge in this equation is keeping up with my writing for other sites, but I do at least have a backlog to keep me going until I get to grips with my new employed status. The timeliest posting of one of these reserve reviews has been that of the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Checking the ocarina

When rating a game I have to check my opinion carefully and match it to the site it will appear on's scale.

Following on from my opinion piece here on DoFuss, the review’s posting could not have been planned better. It obviously echoes the piece here, and adds review scores that I feel truly confident about. My usual lack of confidence in my scores does not come from uncertainty in myself, instead they stem from the scale I find myself rating on.

It is a truth that I have become depressingly aware of on a number of sites I have written for, sometime the PR gods have to be sated. This is not the case on every site, but on some fan driven sites that thrive on hand outs, it can be an issue. It creates a false economy, games have to exist on a scale between 6-10 and remarkably few manage to muster anything above 9. There is nothing wrong with this in some respects, it’s a scale after all… and one I guess most gamers are aware half exists, but it relies on our audience knowing the specific metric of the site, and one which is wasteful of the accuracy that could be present in the scale.

To be fair it is rare that an editor has changed a score on my behalf. Knowing the scale most publications work to I adopted a similar scale (not my own crazy idea that 5 is an ‘average’ title). When ratings have been changed however it throws my scale in to question. Were the games I only gave a 7.5 really worth an 8 if the 5 I gave became a 6? There is no answer to this in truth, but I do know that I have no doubt in my score for Ocarina of Time because once I get over 9, things get a lot more certain.


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